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Monday, April 25, 2011

The First ...

Ok, here it is, my first blog post.  I hope you don't have your hopes up!

So, in lieu of deleting my Facebook page, I realized that I still need a way to keep everyone up-to-date on us, well, the kids mainly.  They grow so fast and literally change daily, and this way I'll be able to not only give you pictures, but the stories behind them.

I guess I need to explain why I deleted my Facebook page...

It has be wearing on me for a while, not only the time that I dedicate to it, but wondering why I care so much about what so and so ate for lunch or being a "friend" with someone I knew in the second grade.  BUT, the reason I deleted it today goes like this ...

Reese was sitting on the bed playing with some paper flier from CBS.  Jordan is crying because I took a toy away that he hit me with.  I'm on the computer, trying to ignore the screeching, and Reese falls off the bed.  She fell off the bed because I was on the computer.  OK God, I hear you.  Facebook is not the priority.

So, here is my blog.  It will mainly be about this kids.  I hope you enjoy.

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  1. Yay! Good for you - I love blogs and look forward to hearing stories from your heart and life through your blog!