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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Man of Many Talents

Since Jordan started preschool, he's created some amazing artwork!  A lot of it is so large, so oddly shaped that I decided to take pictures of them, and now I can share them with you.
 This is one of my favorites, I think I'll get it laminated so that we can have it in the window all of the time.  I don't know if that will keep it from fading though?

 Jordan loved his Kangaroo!  I don't know where his arm went though.

 This caterpillar he made at MOPS. 
 Another favorite.  I loved that they used his hand prints for the monkey's hands.
 He made an "L" lizard during L week.

 This is his fish bowl.  I was volunteering in class the day he made this.  He used oil pastels to draw his fish, then painted over it with iridescent paint.  And he cut the fish bowl out himself!
 And another favorite.  This was the first piece of art he did at school.  I cried.
 Ok, I have a lot of favorites!  That's an egg carton for the alligators body!  It's just cool.

It's so fun to watch Jordan grow in so many ways.  Since he started school, not only has he grown academically, but more socially, and his fine motor skills blow me away!  He's almost perfected writing his name and become a lot more controlled with his scissors.  The best part is to see his independence, confidence and empowerment shine through.

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