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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our home

We will finally be under contract tomorrow!  And we close on June 7th!  It's hard to believe that we will own a HOME.  We have so many dreams for this home, it's hard to wrap them up in a few short words. 

The thing we look forward to the most is finally being a family in our own space.  With moving so much over the past year, it's really shaken our dreams of what we want our family to be like.  Mainly, it's making Christ the center of our family.  Making our home a sanctuary for Him, for our kids and for ourselves. 

When we first stepped into this house, we got that feeling.  The feeling that this was a safe place.  The feeling that we will be able to grow closer to Christ in this place.  We've always dreamed of having a home where family and friends would want to come over.  A place where conversation and growth would occur. 

God is amazing.  This house was the first house we ever looked at, the first house we ever put an offer on and the first house we will ever own.  He knew what we needed, He knew what we've prayed for, and He knew the timing in which to present it.

There are so many things we are continuing to pray for.  First, I need a job/income that works for our family, in a location close to our home.  Second, we still have a few hoops to jump through before we have the keys in hand.  Third, Mark will be working on the home for 4-6 weeks after closing, so he will be away from us a lot.  And last, Mark & I have wanted to start a small group for couple in our home, and we pray for the guidance and support as we begin that journey. 

We know that God will provide, He is our Jehovah-Jireh. 

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