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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Every time I pick Reese up from the nursery, whether at CBS, MOPS or church on Sundays, she cries the instant she sees me.  And the teachers always say, "She's been a perfect angel for us."  So why does she only cry for me?  Trust.

Most times when I pick her up from the  nursery she's ready for a nap, but she doesn't show that emotion to the ladies in the nursery.  Yes, they are wonderful ladies, but Reese hasn't developed a bond to trust them yet.  She hasn't grown used to their faces and their voices to be assured that they can take care of her.  If I didn't tell them when to give her a bottle, she would never be fed because she wouldn't cry to let them know she was hungry.

Reese trusts only me.  She knows that she will get her needs met through me every time.  She knows that I can handle the weight of her emotions when she cannot.  She trusts me to care for her and keep her secure. 

And Jordan is the same way.  Every day I pick him up from school, his teachers say what a polite, kind and well-behaved little boy he is, and I take such comfort in knowing that he is this way with others, but as soon as we hit the door, he hits the "whining" button.  It's as if all the things the teachers just told me went straight out the door.  All the sudden he's beyond comfort and says "no" to everything I ask.  Why?  He trusts me.  He trusts me to know that he's hungry when he can't articulate it.  He trusts me to know that he's tired but can't sleep.  He trusts me to take on the weight of his little world and make it all better.

So when she cries, I don't become embarrassed or sad because my daughter isn't elated to see me, I feel loved and confident that my daughter trusts me and needs me.  And when Jordan is so emotional that he can't express his thoughts or needs to me, it's my job to meet whatever need he is demanding through his actions. 

My children trust me. That is one of the greatest gifts they could ever give me.

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