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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Jordan turns 4 on Monday.  4!  How did this happen?!?  He's such a blessing in our lives, it's hard to describe in words. 

I think the greatest thing Mark and I have witnessed over this past year is his awareness of Christ.  Every night, Mark and Jordan read together, usually at Dr. Seuss story, then a Bible story, then they pray.  Jordan will go through phases of what Bible story he wants to hear.  For a long time it was Jonah and the Big Fish, which he now has memorized.  Now it's Jesus on the cross, which he also has memorized.  Whenever we see a cross, he will tell me how the men nailed him to the cross, and how that must have hurt really bad.  Then he'll go on with Jesus being put in the tomb, then an angle appeared, and Jesus rose.  He actually understands what Jesus did, and he's beginning to grasp what sin is, and how Jesus' death and resurrection forgives us from our sin.

We've always been very careful with apologies and forgiveness with Jordan.  Whenever he says sorry for wrongdoing, we never say "it's ok."  We always say, "we forgive you."  And the same goes with us, when we tell him sorry for something we've done wrong, we ask for his forgiveness and thank him when he does so.  Now that he's older, we've started using bigger words like apology, forgiveness and sin because those are essential to our faith and to our lives.  It's amazing to see what he grasps, what he's trying to understand about this person named Jesus, and to watch it in the eyes of an innocent child.

The day his was born!

One year old!

Two years old!

Three years old!

Four Years old!
Every night when we pray with Jordan, first Jordan says a prayer.  For a long time he was praying for God to take away his fear of cutting his hair, now he prays for our new house, but it really grounds us to hear him pray for things that are truly relevant to our lives.  He is so thankful when he prays, always thanking God for things he's given, especially his toys.  When Mark and I pray with him, Mark always thanks God for Jordan, for his amazing humor and character.  Mark always makes sure that Jordan knows just how thankful we are for him as a gift from God.

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