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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Splish, Splash, We are Taking a Bath!

It's truly the little things in life that are so amazing!  Tonight, Reese took a bath with Jordan for the first time.  Since she's so petite, we usually just give her a bath in the sink, but the ease of them taking a bath at the same time is unbeatable.  I remember when Jordan first took a bath in the big tub, it kind of scared and overwhelmed him.  Not Reese, she took one look at Jo and was elated!  I don't think she is ever unhappy to see him.  And Jo loved having a play mate to join him.

I was telling Mark tonight that it amazes me just how gentle Jo is with Reese.  Whenever Reese gets a hold of a toy of his, he gently takes it away and gives her something else to play with.  And his tone with her is adorable, a little high pitched, but still adorable.

I pray to cherish and nurture this relationship between them.  I know that Jordan won't always be so gentle, and Reese won't always be so excited to see him, but I pray that they have a love and respect for each other that only a sibling can offer.

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