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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The "Up" Philosophy

Jordan's new favorite movie is Disney/Pixar's "Up", the first tearjerker (the other being Toy Story 3).   Mr. Fredricksen has recently lost his dear wife Ellie, his soul-mate since childhood, and through a menacing situation, he is court-ordered to move into a retirement home.  Not wanting to leave the home he shared with Ellie, he blows up thousands of balloons attached to his home in order to travel to Venezuela.  During his flight, he hears a knock at the door which obviously startles him since he's in mid-flight, and there he finds Russell, an adorable little Wilderness Explores who's sole desire is to earn his last patch to become a Senior Wilderness Explorer.

During one conversation between Mr. Fredricksen and Russell, Russell is talking about his now absent Dad.  He describes a moment between him and his Dad where they're sitting on a curb, eating ice cream and counting the cars that drive by.  Russell says, "...I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most."  Eye-opening.

As parents, I we tend to believe that we have to take our kids to elaborate places, spend obscene amounts of money, buy them toys and treats, but none of that really matters to them.  They just want to be with us, doing anything, even something "boring."  Thanks to Russell, I've taken a new outlook on parenting, enjoying the boring moments with my kids, even planning them, because one day, that's the thing they will remember the most, not how many times we went to the zoo.

The last scene of the movie is Mr. Fredricksen and Russell sitting on a curb, eating ice cream and counting cars...

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