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Saturday, July 16, 2011

First Week of Homeownership ...

So, let me just tell you how this week has gone ...

We closed Monday, and it did not go smoothly at all.  Let's just say I had to have a little conversation with our lender who provided the worst customer service ever.

Wednesday I went to the house to take the "before" pictures I posted earlier.

Thursday Mark when to the house to find the basement flooded.  FLOODED!  Four days of owning the house.  Seriously.  Well, I guess I get new carpet after all :).  I went over there to help Mark suck up the water with the shop-vac, and I just couldn't resist cleaning, so I started vacuuming everything.  Like it matters right now ....

And then last night Mark accidentally put a hole in our original plaster walls.  I thought he was going to cry he was so mad at himself.  Thankfully he knows a guy to fix it.

So far, not so good, but I still love it.  And we'll get there, eventually :).

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