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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Mind of Chaos

We've had so much going on the past few weeks, and much of it has been so draining I can't concentrate.  I think I already mentioned this, but I started my new career (the word "job" doesn't do it justice).  I've truly enjoyed every second of it, and it's a nice break from mommy-world, but it has definitely been an adjustment for our family.  If any of you know Jordan at all, change is not a friend to him.  And more change is coming ...

We close on our home Monday.  Monday!  I can't believe it's finally here.  With that, Mark will be gone most nights and weekends preparing our house to make it our home (which Jo will not handle very well).  We have a long list of to-dos before we move in, and thankfully my parents are gracious enough to extend our stay while Mark does the work.  I'll post "before" pictures soon.  Also, Mark is doing various side jobs to pay for this slight remodel of our home, some will be for cash, others will be trades for work to be done for us. 

And then of course the actual move, which won't be until end of August, beginning of September.  We're trying to talk about this big change a lot, and get Jordan to accept the idea that Nana & Poppy will stay in their home while we move to ours.  So far, not so good.  He thinks everyone's moving.  He does love our home though, which has more to do with the playground/house in the backyard.  And he loves the idea of his own room, sans Reese. 

So now I'm trying to prepare mentally for the challenges and joys that lay ahead. 

Here are a few pictures of our last few weeks: Boa picnic, VBS, and the Fourth at Wash Park.

That's Jo in a giant ball.

Jo playing some Frisbee game involving a beer bottle and ski pole.

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