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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Bedroom

I know I've talked about how I want to decorate our bedroom before, but now I'm finally finding all the pieces to make it work!

The inspiration for our room comes from a Mother's Day card that Mark gave me this past May.  And I think I'm going to frame it so that it can hang in our room.

And now I have a new piece of inspiration courtesy of Mark.  He was working at a house last week, and the homeowner was going to throw this lamp away!  I was shocked!  He rescued it and surprised me that night :).  I got the shade at Target to clearance!

Yesterday I found this bedding set on Macy's website, 50% off plus an additional 15% off!  My wonderful Mommy bought is as an early birthday present :).

The walls are going to been the blue on the card, and for the red, I'm going to get a bold, red rug.  And the lamp will sit on our nightstand! 

I can't wait!

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