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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Progress...Slowly but Surely

We're, well Mark, is just about done with demo on the house.  Our back porch looks like a mini dump with all of the carpet, wood, drywall and tile.  The bathroom is down to the bones, and the stairs is wide open to the roof.  You'll have to go to my previous post to see the before pic of these rooms.
Bathroom-shower/tub area (sorry for the blurriness, I was holding Reese and trying not to fall through the holes in the floor!)

Bathroom-shower/tub area

Bathroom-vanity area

Stairs-look up toward roof

Stairs-looking down
Tomorrow the steel beam is being delivered for Mark to secure before he cuts through the masonry wall (on the left of the above picture).  We also ordered the bathroom vanity this weekend, so Mark will finish the stairs, then start the bathroom this weekend.  We hope to start tiling the bathroom, but we'll see how the stairs go.

My project this week is making black-out curtains for the kids' rooms.  I bought my first sewing machine this past week, and Saturday I purchased all of my supplies.  Now, I have not the first clue what I'm doing, so thankfully I have a very generous friend Amy who is helping me with EVERYTHING.  BUT I will learn this!

My new sewing machine :) (Right now it looks like an alien life-form to me, but I'm sure we'll be best friends in no time :))

Fabric for Jordan's curtains

Fabric for Reese's curtains

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