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Friday, July 29, 2011

A Summer of Swim

All Summer we've had Jordan enrolled in swimming lessons.  By the end of last Summer, he'd jump in the pool with his life vest on, no big deal.  Well, some time through the Winter, he lost that desire to jump, so we started all over at the beginning of this Summer.  Now he loves to jump in, go under water, float on his back, he pretty much has no fear at all!

As a reward for doing such a great job, the teachers let all of the kids have a turn going down the water slide.  He refused to do it at first, and I told him that it was his choice if he wanted to go.  He thought on if for a few minutes while watching a few other kids come down, then all of the sudden he decided to go.  He had a look of horror when coming down the slide, but was laughing hysterically when he came out of the pool.  It's so funny to see a 4-year-old have an adrenalin rush.  Hopefully this won't be a habit!

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