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Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Baby Girl is 1!

I can't believe Reese is a year old already!  Where did this past year go?  I vividly remember being pregnant this very morning one year ago (who could honestly forget the ginormous size that I was!?!), and I remember saying to Mark, "I think it's time." 

The drive to the hospital was a wealth of emotions, from the excitement that my baby girl was on her way to the anguish that Jordan's entire world was being flipped upside down.  I remember crying at the hospital, not from the intense pain of labor, but my heart breaking that Jordan was taking on a different role from baby to big brother.

Once I was in my room, the focus that overcame me was supernatural.  I kept replaying in my head Jordan's cheers from the car, "You can do it Mommy!"  That little voice is what pushed me through the next 2 hours.  And my support team were rock-stars.  My mom rubbing my feet, Mark rubbing my back, giving me ice chips, encouraging me and reminding me of my goal, and my nurse Kat who I'll never forget, stay squatted on the floor determined to keep the monitor on me to make sure Reese was doing OK but never asking me to change positions.  And then my wonderful doctor arrived, coaching me on how to push, making Reese's delivery seamlessly perfect.

Those few hours after Reese arrived were so peaceful.  For one, I could walk since I didn't have an epidural, two, Reese was so alert, she nursed right away, and last, the time that Mark and I had uninterrupted with our little angel.

The past year has been full of nothing but blessings.  Jordan has truly taken on the role of big brother with such pride and love (very similar to his daddy :)).  Jo adores Reese, and Reese can't seem to ever get enough of Jo.  It's amazing to watch their bond grow and expand, and I'm so excited to see how it continues to do so over the years to come.

Reese is such a joyful little girl, with some definite attitude thrown in there!  She's very vocal about her opinions, even without words, you know what she's conveying.  Her newest adventure is climbing in and out of the cupboards, she thinks she's quite hilarious.  And she also loves talking on the phone, already.  Maybe she'll get it our of her system before she's a teenager!  And look at her, she's so beautiful! 

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