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Monday, November 14, 2011

And it continues ....

We were able to get so much done on our house this weekend!  A lot of what we did was clearing out boxes in the basement.  The basement terrifies me at the moment, so it took a lot for me to go down there for 3 hours and clean.  BUT it feels so great to have it all done.

Mark also was able to install our chandelier over the dining table (before it was just a set of track lights).  I LOVE this chandelier, it's even prettier when the light is on.

I also set up our china hutch.  For one, our china has been in my parents basement for the past 5 years, still in their boxes, so taking all of it out and setting it up was so wonderful for me.  The hutch was Abby and Jonathan's, but we liked it so much, we bought it from them!  Mark touched up scratches and dents with a stain pen, and I used Murphy's oil on the wood.  It looks so beautiful now, especially with my china!

Mark also got the garage door opener installed, so I can now park in the garage (well, almost, we're waiting for the garbage man to come tomorrow to clear out all of the empty boxes).  We made two runs to Goodwill, which makes me feel mentally lighter to get rid of all this stuff we don't need/want anymore.


  1. Hi Amanda,
    Just came across your blog and have been reading all about you and your family. I missed your "We are West Bowles" video at church and watched it for the first time too. You guys are a great family and I am so happy for you getting your first home. It looks super cute!
    Holly Burns :)

  2. Hi Amanda, you are sitting right next to me oh my gosh! I am kinda just using your blog so I can get a hold of Holly Burns... HOLLY! I want to see your blog!!! What is your blog address?

    Love Emily Gauthier

  3. Hi Amanda/Emily...
    My blog is