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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Monster Patch!

Jordan has arrived at the age of many holes in the knees of his pants.  I dreaded this day.  For one, I'm not one to "save" clothing by repairing it.  I'd rather send it to Goodwill and buy new, but in this case, I'd be buying him new jeans every other month.

On Pinterest (of course) I found a pin where a mom made a monster mouth for a patch.  "How clever!" I thought.

Here's how I did it:

First I washed and ironed the canvas.

Trim the loose threads.

Clean up the hole.

Cut the canvas to the size for the hole leaving extra on all sides.

Cut the "teeth" to the width of the "tongue".

Stitch the teeth and tongue together (I used my sewing machine for this).

Pin the monster mouth into place

Hand-stitch the mouth to the jeans.  I rolled the leg up so that I could get the back easier.

All done!
I think it's pretty cute!  Uh, I mean handsome, awesome, cool!

I think Jo approves!
At least they'll last through the winter!

Just to give  you an update, Jordan already ripped through this patch!  The jeans fell apart around the patch actually, so now I'm at a loss :(.


  1. this is awesome! I think I'll try it myself!

  2. I actually just re-did it, because he tore it off already! I un-stitched the hem on the side so that I could sew the patch on w/ my machine to get a tighter stitch, then re-stitched the hem of the jeans. We'll see if it holds ...

  3. hey Amanda, adorable work! what about adding another layer of denim on the back (inside), but making it a little bigger, and doing another seam around the outside of the mouth? just more reinforcement, both from the material, and seam? good luck!! :-)

  4. Ooo, that's a great idea! After I stitched it w/ my machine, it held up through the wash, but I think reinforcing it is a good idea. Jordan is rougher than the machine :).