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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Seasons

I've been really down lately, but I couldn't quite put my finger on why.  Then it hit me.

My babies aren't babies anymore.  And we won't be having any more babies.

Reese is officially walking.  Jordan is enrolling in kindergarten.  They're getting too big too fast.

I've always made a point of living in the season, loving the season and not allowing myself to be looking forward to the future.

But now I find myself looking towards the past.

I know I'll get over this and begin enjoying this new season we're entering ... Maybe next week.


  1. I just read a book called A Beautiful Mess (you might like it) and in it, the author says it's a good form of self-care if you let yourself mourn things like that. It's okay to mourn changes in your life while simultaneously celebrating the new things. It doesn't make you ungrateful or sappy. It just makes you a woman.


    Tori Kimble

  2. Thank you Tori! I will have to look at getting that book. You're right, it's definitely a mourning stage I'm going through. I never thought of it like that. Oh being a mom ....