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Friday, February 17, 2012

Look at what I made!!!

I've had my eye on a sun burst mirror for some time, but even 50% off at Hobby Lobby, they're still $100.  So I decided to make my own.

Let me preface by saying, nothing I ever make comes out as good as it looks in my head.  With that being said, I didn't take one "during" picture!  But the "after" pictures are pretty awesome :).

My Materials
8 - 1/8 inch diameter, 36 inch long wooden dowels
8 - 3/16 inch diameter, 36 inch long wooden dowels
8 - 1/4 inch diameter, 36 inch long wooden dowels
Spray Paint
8 inch round mirror
2 - variety bags of mini mirrors (3 sizes in each)
3 - sticks of hot glue

This all cost under $20 - way less than the store price!

I spray painted the dowels first (I went with a warm yellow).  Once they were dry, Mark cut them in half, all equal lengths.

Next I laid the mirror face down, and took 4 of the 1/4 inch dowels and made a cross, creating 4 sections and glued them.  That left 11 dowels/section.  I glued the remaining dowels at random lengths, spacing and order.  That was a huge stretch for me ... I like patterns :).  Make sure to hold the dowel down until the glue sets to prevent the dowel from drying at an angle.  After all the dowels were glued, I put hot glue between all of the dowels to reinforce them (this is why I used so much glue!).

Once the glue was dry, I place the mini mirrors under the dowels randomly.  I did it so that the larger mirror was on the 1/4 inch dowel, the medium mirror on the 3/16 inch and the smallest mirror on the 1/8 inch.  I began gluing when they were all placed.  I used a few heavier objects to keep the dowel down on the mirror while the glue dried.

I truly can't stop looking at it.  It turned out way better than my head's creation!

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