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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hill of Calvary

I love this Easter craft.  It's such a great teachable tool for kids aside from them LOVING to play with mud.  You can find the tutorial at Mustard Seeds.  Janna, the author, is actually coming to speak to our MOPS group in a couple weeks!

What amazes me even more, that Jordan, only being 4, truly gets Christs' sacrifice.  So many times parents don't want to teach the story of the Cross because they think it's too violent or scary for children, but it's the most important part!  Parents would rather teach about fictitious characters like Santa or the Easter Bunny instead of Christs' love and sacrifice for us.  We still do Easter baskets and dye eggs, but we don't make it the focus of the Easter season. The Cross should be the focus.

Jordan could tell you the entire story of Christs' crucifixion, even the "scary" parts because to Jordan it isn't scary at all.  It's love.

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