The Norvells

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lovely Mommy Moment

Picture this:

We just got home from MOPS.  Jordan went outside to play while I made lunch (Mark just finished his play set in time for this wonderful pre-Spring weather). 

I had to go the to bathroom, bad.  Bad as in I'd been holding it for an hour already. 

Mid-pee, I hear screaming.  Blood-curdling screaming. 

Reese was with me in the bathroom, as always, so I knew it was Jordan outside.

I panic.  You know you can't stop going pee once you start, but my son, in my head, is being attacked or kidnapped or seriously injured.

I yank my pants up, the underwear we're kind of up.

I run for the backdoor which is blocked by a baby gate and a huge fan (Mark stained the wood on the back stairs last night, so we're trying to clear the fumes out).

I hurdle both objects with as much ease as a waddling penguin.

I finally get out side, but can't see Jordan.  I hear the screams still.

He then bursts out of this play house, totally hysterical. 

"Mommy, mommy," he sobs.

"What, What, What?!?!!?" I demand, scream, beg.

He finally chokes out that there was a cat on the shelf in his play house, which he thought was a monster.

As he's telling me this, I feel drips running down my leg.

A cat. Dang cat. I hate cats.

I'm putting screens on the windows of the play house tonight.

And washing my jeans.


  1. LOL…seriously…thanks for the giggle!

  2. oh my gosh i'm crying that made me laugh so hard!