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Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Calling?

I've stumbled upon this "gift" that I seem to have, or maybe it's just dumb luck.

We love Craigslist. That's no secret.

We've purchased many things for our house there. We always find amazing deals, or just people desperate to get rid of things.

Then we turn around and sell these items.

We don't intend to sell them once we purchase. We change our minds, change our vision or just don't like it anymore.

Example #1: Dining Room Set

I wish I had a picture! This is what I get for being so organized, I can't even display how nice it was :(.

We bought this gorgeous set for $260...Then sold it for $400.

Example #2: Coffee Table

We bought this original 1960s Lane coffee table it for $25...Then sold it for $90

Example #3: China Hutch

We bought it for $50...Then sold it for $175.

Example #4: End Tables

We bought 3 end tables & a coffee table as a set for $100...Then sold 2 of the end tables for $140 and kept 1 end table and the coffee table.

If I had the space and extra cash, I could totally make a living at this!


  1. You sold all of that great stuff? Why? I'm sure you have your well-thought out reasons :)

  2. The dining table ended up being way to big for our space. The coffee table was really wobbly, and we found a set we liked better. The end tables were too big to use all 3 we originally purchased, that's why we kept just the one. And I felt like the hutch with all our china displayed made the room too formal...So, we want to get a credenza for where the desk is and then get a piano for where the hutch was.